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The 4 Winning Properties of Manuka Honey.

Known as the nectar of the Gods, honey has been well-received by both man and animals since ancient times. Among all the different types of honey, Manuka honey packs the most punch for its amazing healing abilities. 

For your pets, Manuka honey can be a literal lifesaver. Filled with long-lasting antiseptic, antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal properties, it can be applied physically or consumed in measured quantities. Manuka honey is great for healing open wounds on pets, but be sure to use only the pure and good stuff. The benefits of Manuka honey to treat wounds and skin conditions have been well documented. It has actually come to a point where honey is now being used in mainstream treatments.

But don’t just reach out for a bottle of Manuka honey and smear it on your pet’s wound. Like any medical treatment, care and professional guidance is needed. The right method of application involves soaking the wound dressing that will be in contact with the skin in Manuka honey and then applying the bandage to the wound.

It is also entirely safe and beneficial for your pet to ingest some Manuka honey when it isn’t feeling too well. If your pet has a bad stomach, a slightly diluted Manuka honey formula can be given to ease the discomfort and boost the number of good gut bacteria. Not only is Manuka honey tasty, but it can also help to restore healthy skin cells, ramp up its immune response, and help it to heal faster.