Grain Free Hypoallergenic Cat and Dog Food from New Zealand - earthmade - Healthy Cat Snack Kiwi Hairball Vomit Remedy

Hello Kiwi, Goodbye Hairballs.

If there’s one fruit that has earned a good reputation as a health food due to its high Vitamin C content and an endless list of nutritional benefits, it has to be Kiwi. Sure your cats produce their own Vitamin C, but it won’t hurt to incorporate Kiwi in their diet (it actually helps build up their gums and teeth). Kiwi is also high in a unique fat-free vitamin E, a natural source of antioxidants to support the immune system. If you are looking for a good way to get potassium that’s needed for your cat’s basic bodily processes and Magnesium for nerve and muscle function, this healthy cat snack will steer him in the right direction.

A healthy diet for your cats needs to be properly balanced, and in order to attain this balance, providing them with fiber in the right quantities, along with high-quality proteins and other nutrients is very important. You can serve fiber-rich Kiwi to your cats to aid in their digestion. It actually contains enzymes which break down proteins for absorption and better digestion.

Your cat’s diet also plays a vital role in the health and condition of their coat. Lack of sufficient nourishment and essential vitamins and minerals can increase the rate of hair being shed. Also, a lack of fibre can lead to constipation, slowed digestion, and stomach upsets. All of these can lead to hairball issues. Thankfully, Kiwi contains a good amount of fiber that helps with the expulsion of hairballs through defecation.

And guess what? Kiwi has no saturated fats. So if your cats suffer from obesity, Kiwi is a good choice for a low-calorie food. It helps to balance their weight by balancing their fat intake.

Adequate levels of serotonin found in Kiwi helps regulate appetite, boost mood, and alertness. So you can go ahead and feed your cats a moderate portion of this delicious fruit without worrying that it will have a detrimental effect on their life. It can be given as a tasty treat, snack, or simply serve them earthmade that has incorporated this natural goodness.