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Rosehip for hips and joints.

If you have ever taken a closer look at a rose (particularly the wild rose “Rosa Canina”) after its petals fall off, you would have noticed reddish, round berries. These are rosehips.

Rosehips are not only loaded with a chokeful of Vitamin C and a host of amazing antioxidants. They are also well-known for many abilities such as boosting immunity, treating osteoarthritis, lowering cholesterol, preventing cancer, and achieving beautiful skin and coat, among many others. Owing to its many benefits, pet owners swear by rosehips and use it not only on themselves but also on their pets.   

There are a few ways to let your pets enjoy the goodness of this healthy pet food. The most common way is to consume it through the food they eat (rosehips can be found in earthmade dry pet food). Another way is to give it to them as supplements. For a less invasive way to use rosehip on your pet, you can add rosehip oil to your pet’s shampoo (or get one that already comes with rosehip oil).

As your pets get older, it’s very much likely that they will face hip and joint problems. Watching your pets being unable to move freely is not a pleasant moment for pet owners. Rosehip can do its part to support your pet’s hip and joint health. It can be used to relieve and prevent various hip and joint issues, improving the mobility of your pets so that they can keep you company for many years to come.

Dogs love the taste of fresh rosehip so if you are lucky enough to have access to fresh ones, go ahead and treat them to some of this healthy pet snack every now and then.