Strict or Spoiled: The Pet Parenting Sweet Spot We Could All Practice

Are you the pet parent who spoils to no end, or do you have strict rules your pal knows not to cross? Do you have hypoallergenic dogs and cats that are too precious and a challenge to manage? Parenting our furry friends is no easy feat and certainly not a one-size fits all endeavor. Pets come with different personalities, needs, and it’s up to us to figure out what makes them tick. 

Some with special conditions and sensitivities are bound to get stricter treatment while generally healthy pets can get more gentle handling. Are you strict or sweet? Which is the best approach for our pets? 

Either way, both parenting styles can lead to guilt. Are you being too harsh that they may not be living their best life? Or are you being too carefree and neglecting proper nutrition? Is there a sweet spot where you can provide the best in everything?

Why some pet parents think too strict will do the trick

As important members of the family, furrents only want the best for their pets. This stems from unconditional love and the desire to never overlook anything that could bring discomfort, pain, or unease to their beloved pal. Pet food allergies, diseases caught outdoors or from other animals, and nutritional imbalance from too many treats are all issues that caregivers are wary of. 

This structured and disciplined system is quite justifiable since some pets do have more intolerances and health concerns than others. The challenge only arises when fur parents go overboard. This is when they get too fussy and nitpicky, implementing strict diet regimens feeding only dry food for hypoallergenic dogs and cats, limited outdoor time, and stern rules when it comes to treats and rewards. This usually takes the fun out of the pet-owner bond, which could be lonely and tyrannical for the pet and stressful and exhausting for the pet owner. 

Why some furrents equate leniency as the ultimate proof of love

At the other end of the spectrum are the permissive furrents. Those who overindulge their pals with no limits and whose ultimate goal is to make their pets happy. Their love language is generosity, never wanting their fur babies to feel neglected or unloved. They constantly shower them with dry food, treats, and activities. 

There is generally nothing wrong with being carefree and indulging with pets, but most of the time, this type of approach entails some misinformed takes on pet care. Beliefs like ‘the fatter the better’ or indoor pets don’t require preventive care. This could be dangerous and may lead to illnesses that are too late to treat. A lifetime of regrets that the caretakers will have to carry.

The secret is finding the perfect balance

There is no exact formula to the perfect pet parenting style but finding the right balance of strictness and sweetness that suits our pal’s specific needs is enough. One way to determine this ideal combination is by familiarizing ourselves with our fur baby’s health history, hypersensitivities, and dietary requirements based on their breed or bloodline. This knowledge will enable us to provide better and informed nurturing choices along with a more streamlined diet, rewards, and recreation habits.

Taking time to research higher-quality nourishment options is always great practice. What we’re used to giving our pal may not always be the right one for them, so we should be open to change. Go for tried and tested hypoallergenic dogs and cats food that’s made with the best ingredients – free-range, grass-fed, fresh, hormone and antibiotic-free meat, cooked in small batches, and brimming benefits. 

As pet parents, we should not let our emotions get in the way. We should address our pet’s needs without being too obsessed with instant results or too laid back by letting them heal on their own. Our fur friend’s peak wellness needs time and effort to develop. To achieve this, we need to be patient, calm, and objective. When in doubt, always seek professional help. 

Lastly, we should never take away the fun in the pet-furrent relationship. Just because we’re being cautious does not mean our pal doesn’t deserve goodies from time to time. What’s on the treats shelf may not always be good for them so we should make sure that our little rewards are not only delicious but also functional – air-dried treats that they would enjoy munching on whether we’re training or just feeling a little bit generous. 

Investing in the optimal amount of indulgence and caution where our pal’s nutrition and happiness are taken care of may sound like a challenging task. But once we’ve found that sweet spot, the guilt will melt away and the best pet parenting reward one could ever want would follow: peace of mind.  

cute corgi dog and fluffy cat are sitting on a sunny summer day in a meadow

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