Less Is More: The Beauty of Small Batches

‘Small batch’ is the emblem we see on several products in our grocery aisles that has now made its way to our pet’s food bowls.

You may have stumbled upon the term while searching for quality pet food or a fellow paw parent may have recommended it. Whatever the case, pet food made in small batches is a promising new norm—it’s healthy and nutrient-dense, which means it meets our pets’ nutritional needs, adult or otherwise.

While it’s easy to chalk up a small batch as a trend, it’s more than just a buzzword or a fad. It’s here to stay (and for a long time). But what is it, and why does it matter?

What Is Small Batch?

Small batch is a more ethical approach to crafting high-quality pet food, where care and attention to detail influence the quality of the final product. Small batch production combines traditional and modern techniques, resulting in fewer but higher quality products.

Small-batch producers make the conscious decision to create lower quantities rather than sacrifice quality to ramp up output.

earthmade by Boneve Small-batch Difference

Here in earthmade by Boneve, we craft in small batches and inspect each pack to make sure it meets our standards. It’s well-balanced nutrition combined with 100% locally sourced, grain-free, hypoallergenic, and limited-ingredient components selected to work together for pet diets. Plus, we use only the best quality protein sources (no antibiotics or hormones). All are GMO-free.

Combined with our well-thought-out recipes, the result is natural pet food that does not sacrifice nutritional balance.

The earthmade by Boneve difference is characterised by:

  • Quality – crafting in small quantities allows for more careful cooking and better production, resulting in a fresh, high-quality product.


  • Clean ingredients – the quality of ingredients is a huge factor in feeding our pets. Pet food made in small batches uses carefully chosen, whole ingredients that meet your pet’s dietary requirements for optimal health. Fresh and natural pet food eliminates the need for harmful additives, lowering your pet’s chances of developing or triggering a food allergy.


  • Better palatability – Small batch production often means that the products are always naturally harvested, so they taste better and are ideal even for the pickiest of eaters.


  • Additive-free –  Our products are in their purest, most natural form because there are absolutely zero chemical additives or artificial extenders. These are unnecessary fillers since pet food aren’t supposed to sit on a shelf for years.


  • Purity – Recalls and contamination in pet food are becoming increasingly common, making the quality of ingredients even more of a worry. Small batches are less likely to be contaminated because they contain ingredients from fewer sources.

We do not believe in minimising expenses, cutting corners, or changing our methods. Our products stay true to our recipes, which embody our ‘less is more’ culture. Choosing our small batch of pet food means healthier, more natural, and more sustainable nourishment for your pets.

With small batch, the process is just as important as the ingredients. Because our focus is on quality, our small batch pet food not only makes our dogs and cats enjoy chow time a bit more, but they also gain more substantial nutritional and health benefits.

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